Madawaska.  This wonderful project came to us through one of our builder clients. He wanted to create something that was unique and classic.  In this project it was decided that we would do tile flooring throughout the entire main floor, to give an aesthetic that was gorgeous but at the same time easy to maintain and minimal. The floor was an integral component of the design of this home. We drew inspiration from the colors and details from the floor to create harmony throughout the rest of the spaces. We wanted to evoke a feeling of excitement in seeing something new and beautiful. To be able to walk in through the doors and be thrilled to call this place home. Even the most novice consumer will be able to see the level of attention to detail that was given to the design and the finishes. A truly custom home. All the flooring was supplied and installed by our company, the builder for the project was Ramak Askari, and the project manager was Ben Jamalof, from Solution Design.